Here are the most recent frequently asked questions.

Q. Should I refer anyone to the company?
You are not required to and you do not have to, but, after learning more information about how the company operates you will probably want to share this with everyone you know.

Q. Is this an MLM or Network Marketing Company?
No … We are a membership affiliate based “Done-For-You” marketing company.

Q. What kind of company is MyDailyToDoList.com if it is not an MLM or Network Marketing Company?
The Company is now in Pre-Launch and is an online company that provides its members/affiliates with an Easy-to-follow Step-by-step Daily Blueprint to Success Calendar!

The company is MyDailyToDoList.com and is a membership/affiliate based marketing/advertising company. Our members/affiliates can get paid by earning commissions on the sale of the products and services in “Day 3” of the 31 Days to Success Blueprint Calendar. The sale of the products and services happen automatically for our members if they join the recommend companies we suggest. Because we are in Pre-Launch now is a great time for you to join.

The products and services you receive from MyDailyToDoList.com include our exclusive “31 Days to Success Blueprint Calendar” along with our complete 100% Automated “Done-For-You” marketing system.

The complete 100% Automated “Done-For-You” marketing system is included in the monthly membership fee and gives our members/affiliates a way to earn a totally “PASSIVE INCOME” by the company doing all of the advertising and marketing for them.

This allows our members/affiliates a way to participate and earn commissions by making sales from the Steps in Day 3 of the “31 Days To Success Blueprint Calendar” without knowing anything at all about how to market or recruit. It also keeps them from wasting their money paying outrageous amounts normally associated with buying expensive lists, advertising, promotion and marketing.

You can think of MyDailyToDoList.com as your MARKETING ARM.

Q. How does the company build my business for me?
Much of what we do to build your business is proprietary marketing information, but we can tell you that as members sign up, each one of them that join the Recommended Advertising Matrix is put into the Matrix in the order they join. As we build the matrix it also builds the members businesses that are in the matrix!!

This is one of the many reasons it is so important for you to sign up as soon as humanly possible. The sooner you are in the better position you will have.

Q. How do I know how much I will make?
The very first goal of the company is to get you to break-even. Then the next goal of the company is to get you making a profit, up to and including an above average full-time monthly income of $10,447. This could happen for you automatically once you are in the system as an active member.

Keep in mind that making that kind of income will take some time to achieve but that is the ultimate goal of the company for its members/affiliates.

Q. Isn’t it illegal for me to do nothing and still get paid? Isn’t that considered a pyramid?
It is illegal to do nothing and still get paid for it, if you are just exchanging money for money. That is considered a pyramid.

However when you are paying to have something done for you like in our case … you are paying for us to advertise and do the marketing for you which builds your business making you a passive income in the process – that is totally legal.

Q. What are the product(s) we are receiving for our monthly membership?
Every member/affiliate receives our exclusive “31 Days to Success Blueprint Calendar” (this is your DailyToDoList) which teaches you and every other member/affiliate how to make a full-time “PASSIVE INCOME” with our complete 100% Automated “Done-For-You” system.

It also teaches you the basic fundamentals of how money works.

For people who are looking for ways to learn how to promote and build other online businesses including their MyDailyToDoList business there are also sections and lessons on how to promote and build other successful online businesses, Plus … there are lessons on creating multiple streams of income and so much more.

Q. How much is the membership per month?
Every member pays just $20 a month.

Q. Do I have my own membership/affiliate link for promoting MyDailyToDoList.com 
Yes, you can use this one http://Totally-Done-For-you.com or you can use the one located in the back office which can be accessed by just logging in once you are a member.

Q. Should I advertise my membership/affiliate link?
Again you are not required to, however, the potential for you to make more money quicker is increased by promoting your own link.

Q. For us members that want to do some marketing will we have our own opt-in page for capturing our leads.
Yes, we use a state of the art Auto-responder and Lead Capture Page system to help you build your very own list. We all know that the money is in the list.

Q. Is there an Example of a Video for the Opt-in Pages?
Yes … There are actually several Opt-in Page Videos but here’s one you may really enjoy. It’s less than 2 minutes.  http://mydailytodolist.com/make-a-real-passive-income

Q. What are some of the other things we should know about?
Again, for the people who want to market we have a place where you can build your own list and also a great place to advertise that is a matrix and pays excellent commissions!

We also have an incredible way for you to build a list into the thousands very quickly!

Q. Will there be any conference calls?
Yes, we are looking at scheduling but want to get more done on the back office. Plus, we wanted to update the the Home page, FAQs and some other items being worked on in the back office.

Q. Can we use MyDailyToDoList.com as a feeder program?
Absolutely, it works great as a feeder program.

Q. Is this a worldwide company?
Yes, we are an International company that offers this same great opportunity to people all over the world.

Q. When will I get more details about the Pre-Launch?
If you are on the Pre-Launch opt-in list you can expect to receive more exciting details every 3-5 days.

Q. Is there a way to contact the admin? Yes you can email admin@mydailytodolist.com

Q. What will I be doing as a Member of MyDailyToDoList.com?
You will be giving the company your feedback from time to time. You will be giving us feedback on things like, how do you like the Automated “Done-For-You system?” Do you like the way things are laid out?

How much money are you making with us “AUTOMATING EVERYTHING” for you? Do you like what you are learning from the “31 Days to Success Blueprint Calendar?

From your feedback along with our other members/affiliates we will be able to tweak the system and the software to make it even more profitable.

Q. Is everything really Automated for me?
Yes just follow the instructions and provide feedback to the company from time to time.

We help build YOUR Business and PASSIVE INCOME!

Q. If I am not on the list of MyDailyToDoList.com how do I get on the list?
You can go to this link. http://mydailytodolist.com/list Watch the video at the top of the page and then submit your information on the bottom of the page.

Note – If you have already submitted your name and email to get on the list, you do not need to submit your information again. If you are on the list, you can expect to receive an update after your initial update in the next 1 to 3 days.

And remember … the sooner you get on the list the better position you will have for making a PASSIVE INCOME!

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